TP 3LN sunt cazane din otel pentru apa calda cu randament ridicat si emisii reduse de noxe. Acestea sunt cazane ignitubulare, cu ardere in focar presurizat cu 3 drumuri de gaze arse distincte. Flacara se dezvolta in focarul amplu dimensionat si complet racit (incarcari termice reduse), se intoarce prin drumul 2 de gaze arse (o singura teava optim dimensionata) spre camera de fum anterioara de unde intra apoi prin tevile de fum (drumul 3 de gaze arse) care sunt echipate cu turbionatori pentru a creste schimbul de caldura prin convectie.

In camera de fum posterioara gazele de ardere sunt colectate si apoi trimise catre cosul de fum.
Puteri 70 – 2360 kW
Horizontal steel hot water generator for pressurised combustion with three flue gas passes and three-star certified energy efficiency in accordance with directive 92/42/EEC.
Ready for operation in combination with a jet burner on liquid or gas fuel. The arrangement and generous sizing of the combustion chamber guarantee a low heating load and the possibility to be combined with burners featuring technology for the combustion with low polluting emissions.
Range consisting of 20 models with rated outputs from 92 to 3200 kW.

• Boiler body lined on the outside with carbon steel plate protection painted with epoxy powder coat, and consisting of: pipe for the second flue pass with intake from the bottom of the furnace, sized to optimise combustion parameters; tube bundle for the third flue gas pass located at the top and hotter part of the hot water generator, so as to prevent condensate forming and fitted with steel turbulators to increase convective heat exchange.
• Energy efficiency exceeding 95%.
• Maximum operating pressure 6 bars, (÷10 bars on request)
• Maximum design temperature 100°C.
• Floating combustion chamber with cooled end plate, volumetric heating load less than 1.1 MW/m3 to ensure atmospheric nitrogen oxide emissions less than 80 mg kW/h, in combination with suitable burners.
• Threaded fittings up to 240 kW outputs and flanged fittings complete with counterflanges for larger sizes.
• Front door with reversible opening from both sides and innovative closing system with micrometric adjustment on the boiler body. Heat insulation using with material with excellent insulting properties and reduced thermal inertia, protected by refractory material on the furnace side and on the flue gas pass side.
• Heat insulation extended to all parts of the boiler using an 80 mm thick layer of mineral wool on all the plating.


• CE mark in accordance with the following directives
• Gas Appliances (2009/142 EEC)
• Efficiency (92/42 EEC)
• Low Voltage (2006/95 EEC)
• Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108 EEC)

• Thermostatic control panel. Thermostatic controller for single-stage or two-stage burners, with the possibility to control the system pump.

• THERMO EBM control panel. Electronic for managing the hot water generator (including with modulating burners), with microprocessor control; logical control unit housed inside the casing and user interface with LCD on the front panel.
• Outside probe. For boiler temperature compensation operation, to be connected to the THERMO EBM control panel.
• Cascade/outlet/storage cylinder probe. Connected to the THERMO EBM control panel based on requirements.
• Industrial control panel. For special needs regarding precision control or installation in safe environments.
• Control panel with PLC. For specific communication needs to BMS or supervision systems.
• Pipe stub for instrument connection. Able to house all the boiler control and safety instruments,available in different configurations.
• Stainless steel economiser to increase system efficiency by up to 5% (based on the system return temperature) by recovering heat from the flue gas.
• Economiser connection complete with return pipe extension, circulating pump with on-off valves and mechanical connection to the economiser performed directly at our facilities.
• Gas, oil or diesel burner. Perforated burner anchor plate based on customer specifications

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